Our Facilities

We provide a home-like Christian environment where the values and beliefs of each Resident are respected.  

Our focus is to provide an environment which encourages independence and maintains or increases Resident's capabilities.

A specific wing for Residents with Dementia allows for care in a home-like environment.  

A range of support services are provided, and each Resident has exclusive use of their own room with a private ensuite.

Admission is offered to appropriate applicants who have been assessed as needing respite, high or low level residential care, and whose needs can be met in the available accommodation using current staff resources.

One respite room is available for short term stays.

Independent Living Units (ILU) allow you the freedom to come and go as you please.  

A safe and secure environment gives you peace of mind at all times.  

Enjoy a hassle free life.

Entry to Eventide is not limited by social circumstances or financial background.  


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