Independent Living Unit FAQ

Do I have to be Lutheran?

No, everyone is welcome at Eventide.


Can I rent the unit? 

Units are occassionally available for rent as an option to purchasing the right to reside in a unit.  Please speak with the Marketing Manager for further information. 

How does the maintenance work? 

All maintenance is carried out by Eventide staff where possible, other than where professional tradesmen are required. 

Who do I ask to get a maintenance job done?

The Independent Living Unit Resident makes requests through Eventide Administration by either phoning the office or presenting in person to Administration.  The Administration staff will log the request & the desired timeline for action.


What if I need ramps or rails when I arrive or in the future? 

Additional ramps or rails can be installed at the Residents own cost on approval by the CEO.  Eventide Maintenance can install smaller rails provided by the Resident.  Please discuss your requirements with the CEO.