General Information

Do I need to be a Lutheran to become a Resident of Eventide?

No.  Eventide Lutheran Homes is a place for everybody.

Eventide has its own Chapel that caters for all religious denominations.                                                

Even if you have no religious affiliation you are still very welcome.


What is the difference between Residential and Independent Living Units (ILU's)?

The Residential facility at Eventide is for anyone who requires a higher level of care than living independently. This could be assistance with daily living requirements, showering, dressing etc.
It all depends on the needs and wishes of each individual.
We have qualified staff providing first class care twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
Our Residential facility is governed by the Aged Care Act and Government legislation therefore we have strict guidelines for the delivery of our services to you.
We are Accredited every three years, with annual inspections, to ensure that we comply with all regulations.
We encourage everyone in continuing their lives as they wish too, we are here to assist you in living your life as independently as possible.
There are no restrictions on what you can do – keep living!

Our Independent Living Units, as the name suggests, are for people who do not require any personal care but would like to live within a secure and supportive environment.
We have one, two and three bedroom Units on two sites over twenty one acres of beautiful gardens.
Residents do not own the real estate but enter into a Contract to Reside.                                                          All maintenance, gardening, rates, water rates and usage, insurances and some social events are included in a weekly fee.  

We encourage interaction between the Residents of our ILU's and the Residential Facility by way of happy hours, mens group, bingo, chapel, fitness classes, technology training, movies, outings, lunches and other events in our function room.  You can do as much or as little as you like.
Residents of our ILU's are welcome to join us for lunch in the dining room, where a three course meal costs only a few dollars. Sunday roasts are really popular. 
Morning tea's twice a week provide opportunity for a catch up with friends and a chance to have Blood pressures and Blood Sugar Levels checked.

What is the process for entering Eventide's Residential Care Facility?

Entry into Residential care firstly requires that you have an Aged Care Assessment completed.

Aged care assessment information can be found on the My aged care website or call toll free 1800 200 422. 

Or if you prefer, Eventide, your Doctor or your local Council can provide assistance to understand the process and connect you to the local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). 
This assessment will determine the care level that you will require from Eventide.

An application form needs to be completed to go on our Wait List.

Financial information is required to determine any payments you may likely have to pay towards your care.

When a room becomes available we will contact you and offer that room.    


What is the process for entering Eventide and Hamilton Village Independent Living Units?

Unlike Residential Care entry to our Independent Living Units does not require any formal assessments.

An application form should be completed to go on our Wait List.

We welcome your enquiries and look forward to showing you and your family our units.

The range of units suit a variety of needs and lifestyles and when your choice of unit becomes available we will contact you.

If you say "No" to the unit offered this does not mean going to the bottom of the list, we simply ring when a suitable and similar unit again becomes available.

Should you wish to take a unit, a 'Right to Reside' contract is drawn between the prospective Independent Living Unit Resident and Eventide.

A weekly service fee, payable by you, includes Maintenance, Gardening, Insurances (building and public liability), all Rates and Water usage.

Utilities (electricity, gas and telephone) are paid by the Independent Living Unit Resident. 


Information packages are available for both Residential care and Independent Living.

Comprehensive information packages can be collected from administration at 72 Ballarat Road Hamilton, or alternatively posted or emailed by contacting us on 03 5571 0444.

We welcome your enquiries and as with everything, it is always wise to arrange an appointment to visit Eventide so as to speak with key personnel and to see for yourself what Eventide is like and what we offer.                      


Does Eventide allow Pets?

Eventide has a no pets policy for both the Facility and Independent Living Units.   

Our George Street site, Hamilton Village may allow pets by negotiation with the CEO.  


What are the Fee Structures?

Please click on our FEES TAB for all information regarding fees.