Who owns and manages the villages?

The Lutheran Church of Australia Victorian District owns both the Hamilton Village site and the Eventide Lutheran Homes site.  Both sites are managed by Eventide Lutheran Homes CEO and Board.  A number of supporting roles are undertaken by members of Eventide's staff.


How can I be sure that the standard of the village and support services provided will not diminish over time?

One of the main benefits of a lifetime licence, as opposed to other types of security of tenure, is that Eventide Lutheran Homes retains ownership and management of the village and therefore a prime interest in ensuring that the reputation of the village's facilities and services are always maintained at the highest possible standard.


How will I know when it is the right time to move?

If you are thinking about the desire to have a home that is low maintenance, provides good security, has access to a large array of facilities and services, lets you enjoy your friends and the activities you choose to enjoy in your retirement, then retirement living is a solution you should consider.
So many new residents in retirement villages across the country say they wish they had of made the move sooner.


Are there any restrictions over the amount of time that residents can spend away from the village?

The only requirement is that residents advise Village Management of the intended period of absence and any changes to that period which may occur.
One of the many advantages of living in a retirement village is that you can holiday or travel for any length of time without worrying about the maintenance and security of your home.
This is taken care of, so you can enjoy your leisure time with peace of mind.


Can I still do some gardening?

If you so desire, however, you will need to maintain that garden to a standard in keeping with the rest of the village gardens.
We have provided all homes with a private rear garden for your personal private space to use as you please.
Our friendly and helpful gardening staff will maintain all common areas of the village gardens and will be available to provide limited assistance and advice to you on a fee for service basis.


How does one apply for residence in the village?

Initially, this simply involves filling in an "Application to Reside" for your selected accommodation and paying an administration fee of $35 per year, to have your name on the waiting list.
We suggest that you discuss our documentation with a solicitor of your choice prior to signing and exchanging agreements.


When can I take up residence?

After the contribution amount is paid in full, unless prior special arrangements are made with the CEO.

Rental agreements are occassionally offered on approval by the CEO.


Right to reside or rental? Whats the difference? 

Right to reside agreements is where a contibution amount that is set by Eventide is paid to and held by Eventide. The contibution amount is repaid to the Resident or their estate as per the Agreement Schedule.  

Rental Agreements offer long term accommodation and peace of mind for residents who are not in a financial position to make a contribution amount.    

Units are occassionally available for rent, please make your enquiry to the Marketing Manager. 


Can I make improvements to the unit?

Improvements must first be approved by the CEO.
These costs are mostly non-refundable.
On termination of your licence, items purchased by you such as awnings may be removed and the unit restored to its original condition.


What is the position regarding pets?

Small house animals or caged birds may be permitted on approval by the CEO at Hamilton Village only.  
Permission to keep a pet may be revoked if the pet disturbs other residents or causes damage to the village.


What community facilities are provided?

A Community Centre is located at Unit 16, Hamilton Village.
It includes a meeting and games area, dining facilities, lounge area with Pay TV, computer kiosks with free internet, a kitchenette and toilet facilities.
A large work shed with tool, kitchen, toilet and BBQ facilities is situated at Hamilton Village.  
Eventide has a Community room where Independent Living Unit residents gather for happy hour, morning teas, BP & BSL checks, movies and knit and natter.                                                                                       Independent Living Unit residents may order meals for the private dining room or to be collected from the main dining room. 


Does the Village provide an emergency call system and facilities specially designed for the elderly?

One of our key objectives is to ensure that, wherever possible residents live in a normal, healthy, independent environment.
All residents are encouraged to arrange an emergency call system which is monitored 24 hours a day, so that help is always close at hand.
This is not provided by Eventide.


Can the owner terminate my occupancy at anytime?

Yes, according to Part 8 of the Residence Agreement.


Under what circumstances can the owner do this?

  • On the death of the Resident or the death of the last surviving Resident where more than one person is a Resident pursuant to this Agreement.
  • If two qualified medical practitioners (one appointed by the Owner and the other nominated by the Resident) certify in writing that the Resident needs care of a kind not available at the Village.
  • If the Resident breaches this Licence, the Licence shall terminate after the end of notices served by the Owner.


Is my long-term occupancy at the Village secure?

Yes, your long term occupancy is secure under your Residence Contract and Retirement Village Act 1986 No 126.
The Retirement Village Act. Part 5. calls for a notice to be lodged for registration under the Transfer of Land Act 1958 which is a charge to secure the refundable ingoing contribution entitlement to the resident.


What is the in-going sum I must pay and the regular maintenance charges and any extraordinary costs which can be imposed on me?

The in-going contribution is an interest free loan paid to the owner, Eventide Lutheran Homes, for your right to reside in the village and the use of the communal facilities and services during your period of occupancy.
The regular service charges: Residents pay a monthly contribution known as the "Service Fee" to cover their share of items such as council and water rates, insurance (other than contents insurance), electricity for the common areas and maintenance of grounds and buildings.
Personal items of expenditure for Independent Living Unit residents include electricity, gas, telephone and contents insurance.  The resident is expected to arrange their own connections.


Are the residents actively involved in decisions concerning the level of maintenance and services provided and their cost, and how are these fees varied in the future?

Village Management ensures that every resident has a voice in the affairs of the village.
Residents' meet formally with Management and owners every 3 months to discuss matters of common interest and any recommendations they might wish to make.
Residents will also be involved in the formulation of the village's annual outgoings budget each year.


When do I get access to my money after I leave the Village?

Refund of the Premium shall fall due upon settlement made by the incoming resident.


What system does the Village have for resolving disputes?

A Village Disputes Committee will be established and be made up of one member chosen by the residents, one member chosen by management and one member chosen by both the residents and management.
This Committee will hear any Village dispute that is referred to it.


Are there any restrictions on the persons to whom I may sell my unit?

The re-sale of the licence for the unit is handled by management.
The resident pays no commissions or selling expenses other than legal costs and government charges.
The amount refundable to an outgoing resident is determined by reference to the Residence Contract.


What is the Capital Replacement Fund used for?

The owner shall set aside all such amounts received for the purpose of repairing, replacing or renewing any communal improvements and structural repairs to Village Buildings.
This might include refurbishment of roadways, replacing the furniture and other fittings in the Community Centre.