Oct 2, 2019

Spare time on your hands?

The concept of spare time eludes most of us that’s true, but just 30 minutes a week or even a month can bring such joy to a resident living an aged care.


Volunteering isn’t all giving, it offers more than you might imagine. Volunteers are intensely proud of their roles, knowing that their efforts enable Residents to live a more fulfilled life in their later years. And that feels so good!

Eventide is currently seeking people with skills in woodworking, craft or an artistic bent, if this is you, we need you. If you don’t have these skills, we need you too! Companionship, conversation and a cuppa, reading a newspaper or cooking a BBQ.

We’re flexible so talk to us about volunteering occasionally, on a regular basis or perhaps for a one off event.
Volunteers of all ages are welcome.

Contact Administration for more information or to register your interest.

Ph: 03 5571 0444